Executive search

Beyond Search works with clients to map the entire market, ensuring we are engaging with all relevant candidates. You can take confidence in the fact THAT you have interviewed, and ultimately HIRED the very best EXECUTIVE available.

Depth and breadth of our work

We are sector agnostic though we are specialists in our field - specialist at executive search.

We do not focus on one particular area, instead, we make the technique of executive search our area of expertise.  With this in mind, it certainly does not mean that we do not know a sector any less well than a sector specialist as we have our own sector specialists that are experts in their field because of their experience, skill set and background not simply because of where perceived demand is.  We have industry recognised experts in media & advertising, technology, startups, energy as well as other key areas.


Our clients vary from startups as small as one person entities to VC- backed startups through to blue-chip and FTSE 250 organisations. We work internationally and cater for every type of company we deal with equally as well as the other. We are happy to provide recommendations from our clients on request.

Global Reach

Our network is key, from the contacts we have as individuals and the partnerships of the company, to the influences that we are associated with, we are able to reach the farthest corners of any market.

When might you need us

Executive Search is the most effective hiring solution if any of the following circumstances apply:

- Your own network and contingent hiring methods have proven unsuccessful or are now time critical.                                                      

- The business is a startup and hiring the best quickly is of absolute, paramount importance first time.                                                                         

- There is a need to make a significant number of hires in an aggressive time frame ahead of an IPO or sale.                                                       

- The appointment is high-profile or business critical, and the utmost  discretion or risk mitigation is required.

- An 'ideal candidate' shortlist has been identified and an intermediary is required to bring the executive on board

- An executive is required in line with a strict time frame and the client does not wish to go through a lengthy and inefficient standard application, screening and interview process saving time, money and resources as well as ensuring a more accurate 'fit'.

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A Rigorous and efficient process

Beyond Search applies a rigorous and robust search process. This involves both Beyond Search and our client investing significant time at the outset of every assignment to ensure that the role, reporting lines and the cultural aspects of the firm are fully understood by both parties such that these can be clearly communicated to potential candidates.

The benefit of this analysis, combined with extensive market referencing of each candidate, is that our clients need only meet those candidates who have the skills and aptitude required for the role and the interest in pursuing it. This rigour will allow our client to focus on the key aspect of "fit" and shorten their involvement in the process to the effective minimum.  Additionally, Beyond Search undertakes comprehensive referencing to understand strengths, weaknesses and motivations, thus ensuring there is a better chance that the successful candidate will both remain and prosper with the firm to the benefit of the overall client organisation.

At the conclusion of each assignment, Beyond Search conducts a quality assessment with both the client and the successful candidate to ensure that the rigour required has been applied and to assess their individual experience of the search assignment.

assurances and risk mitigation

Beyond Search appreciates that there are perceived safe bets and 'go-to' firms in the executive search industry. However, if you compare our success rates, delivery times, the longevity of appointment and ultimate ROI, you will find that we consistently outperform our competition and lead the market in terms of those criteria.

We want to Invest in the relationship that we have with our clients and are prepared to demonstrate our willingness to invest in this relationship. We, therefore, offer various means of mitigating the risk to our clients of using us as an executive search firm such as a replacement without charge within certain time frames, a common-sense, fair and proportionate as well as mutually agreeable fee structure and a dedicated point of contact for the assignment (amongst others). We offer these guarantees through the Beyond Search Assurance Charter which no other executive search firm can match in terms of risk mitigating assurances and methods.

Ongoing Relationship

Post-appointment, both client and the newly appointed candidate benefit from the continuing involvement of Beyond Search in the relationship between them. In this period, when the new appointee is becoming embedded in the organisation, Beyond Search will provide objective advice and counsel to each, which will speed the transition to the benefit of all. It is important to us that not only is the best possible candidate found but also that our introduced candidates remains in-post.  Ultimately we value the relationship that we have with our clients and are interested and committed in the long-term to the ongoing success of their businesses.